When is the Right Time to Introduce a New Partner to Your Kids?


After your divorce, you will eventually start dating again and you may be wondering when you should introduce the new special person in your life to your children. If you believe that the relationship is stable and destined for the long-term, you can start thinking about an introduction. However, if it is still relatively new and you are unsure of your future together, you may want to hold off until you are more settled with your new partner.

How to Introduce Your Children to Someone New

When it comes to introducing your children to a new partner, timing is everything. If it has not been too long since the divorce or if you notice that they are still experiencing some difficulties coping with the aftermath, you should consider waiting a bit longer. Bringing a new partner into the picture can create a lot of stress for your children and it will undoubtedly take energy away from their ability to mourn over the changed dynamic in their family, so they will need a lot of reassurance and love.

You should also ask yourself if your new partner fits into your family. As much chemistry as you may have with a person, they might not necessarily mesh well with the rest of your life, so this is another factor you will have to carefully consider before taking this big step.

Although you do not need your ex’s blessing to introduce your new partner to your children, you should give a head’s up. No one likes surprises and you should not expect your children to keep secrets for you, so inform your ex of your plans to prevent any unnecessary conflict.

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