How Can I Enforce a Child Support Order?

Child Support

Child support is crucial for single parents who are trying to raise their children in the aftermath of a divorce. If your co-parent is no longer making these payments, you should act fast to ensure the court does what is necessary to enforce it. Continue reading to learn more about the ways in which a child support order may be enforced.

Child Support Enforcement

After filing an enforcement action, a judge will have a variety of choices available to both penalize the delinquent parent and ensure the order is enforced. In many cases, a judge may even fine or jail a parent for contempt of court, requiring that a portion of the unpaid child support be paid to secure a release from jail.

Child support may also be enforced by the Child Support Division (CSD) through federal and state law by:

  • Collaborating with other states to ensure child support is paid even if the delinquent parent moves out of state.
  • Filing a lien against the delinquent parent’s assets and property, including cars, houses, and land.
  • Intercepting federal income tax refunds or lottery winnings to cover missed child support payments.
  • Suspending the delinquent parent’s driver’s license or other professional licenses.
  • Withholding wages to pay child support directly to the receiving parent.

Child support is a matter family courts take seriously, so do not hesitate to act quickly. Even if your former spouse moved out of the state to evade these payments, you have many tools at your disposal to ensure you receive these payments, so your children receive the financial support they need to grow and thrive.

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