Tips for Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce


Tips for Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

Halloween is a holiday many children and adults look forward to all year. However, if you and your spouse recently divorced, you may have some anxieties about how you will go about celebrating this spooky holiday with your kids this October. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to embrace this day, so it goes as smoothly as possible.

Halloween in the Aftermath of a Split

If you and your ex-spouse were able to end your marriage amicably, celebrating Halloween together might be a possibility. Taking your children trick-or-treating does not require a lot of conversation and, moreover, having two chaperones would be better than one.

If you think spending Halloween together will only result in tension and conflict, however, we have some tips and alternatives on how to approach this holiday:

  • Embrace new traditions: It is not uncommon for parents to alternate which holidays they will spend with the kids every year, so if this is part of your arrangement, you might not see your children on Halloween this year. Instead of waiting for next Halloween to roll around, start new traditions with your children. Halloween is only one day, but there are many other spooky events and activities you can share with them throughout the rest of the month.
  • Divide the day: If it is practical, you and your former spouse may be able to split Halloween with each other. You can take them trick-or-treating in your neighborhood while your ex takes them out in their neighborhood, giving them double the candy and the opportunity to spend time with both of their parents.
  • Share with each other: If you choose to alternate who spends Halloween with the children every year, help your ex feel included by sharing pictures of the children enjoying the holiday with them. Not only will this help build a better functioning co-parenting relationship, but you are also likely to have the favor returned the following year.

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