Modifying a Child Custody Orders in Texas

Although family courts in Texas favor stability and consistency in the life of a child, a custody order is not set in stone. Circumstances may change and the arrangement that was once in the best interests of the child may not always be suitable. If you would like to modify your child custody order, you can do so by either discussing it with your ex or by petitioning the court with your request. Continue reading to learn more.

Requesting a Modification of Custody in Texas

If your discussion regarding child custody modification does not go over well with your spouse, your next option will be to take your request to court.

A judge may grant your request if the following is true:

  • Your circumstances substantially changed, affecting your child’s welfare
  • The proposed modification serves the best interests of the child

Below is a list of some common circumstances in which a child custody order may be modified in Texas:

  • One parent is relocating and it would have either a positive or negative impact on the child’s life.
  • One parent is refusing to comply with the terms of the existing child custody order.
  • The needs of the child changed.
  • The parent’s circumstances changed. For example, your time with the child was limited due to substance abuse problems and you are now sober with a steady job.
  • The current situation poses a danger to the child’s wellbeing. For example, the parent is struggling with substance abuse issues or is dealing with an untreated mental illness.

If you are seeking a child custody modification, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to handle your case, so you can secure the best possible results.

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