Rebuilding Trust with Your Co-Parent After Divorce


One of the biggest obstacles divorced parents face in the aftermath of their split is their inability to trust one another and move forward. However, trust is essential to maintaining a healthy and positive co-parenting relationship that reduces your children’s stress. We compiled some tips that will help you rebuild trust, so you can more peacefully and effectively raise your children.

Getting Along with Your Ex

Even under the best circumstances, raising children can present a vast array of challenges. After a divorce, those challenges may be even greater, particularly if the process was very adversarial and contentious. You both may be harboring resentments and the trust you once had in each other as parents may have been damaged.

Here are some tips on how to repair that damage and put the past behind you:

  • Keep your promises: If you make a commitment to your children, it is important to keep it, unless there is an unforeseen emergency. Showing that you are someone your kids can rely on is not only good for your relationship with your children, but it will also help rebuild trust with your co-parent, which can ease tension and reduce conflicts.
  • Make an effort to be civil: During the divorce process, you both may have gotten used to being hostile toward one another. To repair some of that damage, you should try to be considerate of each other and make an effort to be civil. Remember, this is about your children and creating an environment that does not create more stress and anxiety for them.
  • Give a genuine apology: Being able to offer a genuine apology when you make a mistake is a powerful step in rebuilding trust with your co-parent. It is a major sign of healthy communication, honesty, and collaboration, which can all go a long way in successful co-parenting.
  • Affirm your former’s spouse’s relationship with the children: Just because your marriage did not work out does not mean you cannot still acknowledge the importance of your ex’s bond with the children. Taking a moment to express this can help bring down some of the walls in your relationship.

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