The Dangers of Using Social Media During Your Divorce

Social Media

Social media is a major part of most of our lives and many of us have accounts on more than one platform, such as Instagram or Twitter. Although social media is a great way to share your life with friends and family, continuing to remain engaged during the divorce process can backfire on you. Even if you do not explicitly share any information that is pertinent to your divorce, a lot can be gleaned from almost anything you post, even simply using the check-in feature to share your whereabouts.

Why You Should Avoid Social Media Until After You Finalize Your Divorce

Using social media seems innocent enough, but almost anything you share online can reveal a lot about your habits, lifestyle, and thoughts on certain matters. Therefore, it is generally best to hold off on using social media altogether until after your divorce is finalized.

Below are some of the risks of using social media during your divorce:

  • Although you probably unfriended or blocked your spouse on social media once you embarked on the divorce process, you likely share many mutual friends, and it would be impossible to know who is on your side. The posts you share may inevitably end up in your spouse’s hands if one of your mutual friends takes a screenshot.
  • People often turn to social media to vent and let out some steam. Unfortunately, if you are frustrated with your spouse or decide to go on a rant about your divorce, this may harm your case, especially if you have children. If you really need to vent, do it in-person with a trusted friend or family member.
  • Do not use the check-in feature. Sharing the location of your dinner reservations or where you like to shop says a lot about your spending habits, so keep it to yourself.
  • Never brag about lavish purchases, vacations, or other expenses that suggest you are more well off than you actually are. Your spouse may try to accuse you of hiding marital assets.

If you cannot live without using social media, be very careful about what you post. Never share anything about your children, your dating life, or your divorce. If you would not want a judge to see your post, do not share it.

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